Top Real Estate SEO Tips of 2016

Owners of websites must always be aware of the Google algorithm so that they can immediately use new SEO tips that will give their websites higher rankings. The Google algorithm changes from time to time so website owners must always keep an eye for any possible changes. Because of the new trends in Google, a new Google algorithm has been launched this 2016. Below is the list of the top SEO tips of 2016 that will help your website get a higher rank.

SEO Tips

1. Always optimize for the rich answers.

Rich answers are considered to be 19.45% present in the Google search results out of the 850,000 keyword queries that Google users type. You can optimize these rich answers if you will use the rich answers in creating content for your website. It will also be good if you have at least three articles that will be focused on one rich answer. By doing this, your website will appear on the first page of the Google search result and your website’s rank will surely be higher than before.

2. Make an effort to improve the user management of your website.

High user management can also help your website have a higher ranking in Google. User management can be measured by the bounce rate, user’s average time on your website, pogo sticking and many other more. The number of visitors in your website can also increase if the user management will improve. Making the contents of your website as interesting as you can really make the visitors enjoy your website. If visitors of your website will enjoy reading the articles then they will likely visit more pages which will contribute to the bounce rate of the website. So think of ways that will make readers enjoy your website.

3. Optimize your blog for mobile users.

Mobile users can also help your website have a higher rank. In fact, even Google is figuring new ways to improve their service for mobile users. Make sure that your website has both desktop and mobile designs so that you will not lose your readers that prefer to use their phones. You should also hire a professional that can make your site’s loading speed faster on mobile devices. Having a faster loading site will help you retain your site’s visitors.

4. Always be updated on Google’s new search quality guidelines.

As of 2016, Google has released their newest 160-page search quality guidelines. Even though the search quality guidelines of Google are very long, you need to study even the smallest details in the guidelines. You should base your strategies on the guidelines set by Google so that your efforts will not be wasted. Also, you will be able to have an edge to other website owners if you can fully understand the guidelines of Google. You can also hire an expert that can help you figure out new ways in order to get the top ranking in Google.

Indeed, you must be aware of the top SEO tips of 2016 so that you can be assured that your website will get a high rank. With the right strategies, your website will surely get the highest rank.